Iran VoIP Gateway


DAG1000-4S/4O is 4FXS with 4FXO gateways, based on the SIP2.0 standard. Providing one WAN port and one LAN ports ,it allows up to four computers to share an...


DAG1000-8S/8O provides a variety of management ways,and supports auto-provisioning. The user interface is very friendly, and the configuration is simple and...


DAG2000-16S/16O is an 16 FXS/16FXO gateway based on the SIP2.0 standard.Providing one WAN port and three LAN ports ,it allows up to four computers to share...


DAG2000-32S VoIP Gateway is the newest product in Dinstar Access Gateway series. It provides superior voice technology for connecting legacy telephones (POT...

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