Configuration and installation

   This center includes some features such as:

Allocate large number (almost infinite) internal lines

In conventional systems such as Panasonic PBX, interior lines should be limited. For example, 3 local line with 8 interior line or, 6 local line with 16 interior line. Usually in these central telephone connections to increase the number of internal lines, it is necessary to purchase and install expansion modules (if the system is expandable) with a fairly significant price action. If the telephone system does not have the feature for developing, the only way to increase thenumber of internal lines is replacing the entire telephone system with higher-capacity device.

In IP-PBX centers ability to define very high number (several thousand) internal lines,almost without having to pay additional fees and also no need to hardware developmentsystem at the center, is offered.

Unlimited connectivity of Urban Lines FXO T1, E1, to IPPBX phone centers.

In IP-PBX system that proposed by our company, there is almost no need to increase the size or the telephone network to connect a significant number of urban line, FXO, T1 or E1.

Possibility of activation specific message retention for each user and if neededn storeing messages to a specified email address

In this system, every local number can be defined a voicemailThe system can be set so that the recorded voice, send to an e-mail addressThus, receiving messages from anywhere (even outside of the telephone center) that can receive E-mails, is possible.

Creating space for suggestion boxes, so that it would be possible to comment during business hours or thereafter.

Video talk during the discussions

By using IP-Phones, it is possible to have video conference.