IP Phones

Grandstream GXP285

SKU # 02-109940
The Grandstream GXP285 is a small business SIP phone that features 1- line appearance, HD audio quality and Power over Ethernet (PoE) support.

Grandstream GXV3175

SKU # 02-111046
The Grandstream GXV3175 is a sleek designed SIP video phone which features a 7 inch color touch screen and tablet-like styling.

Grandstream GXP1450

SKU # 02-111048
The Grandstream GXP1450 is a 2-line SIP phone featuring a 180x60 backlit graphical display, HD Voice, 3 XML programmable soft keys, and dual 10/100 Poe Ports.

Grandstream GXP2120

SKU # 02-111122
The Grandstream GXP2120 6-line IP Phone delivers HD voice, a large backlit LCD Display, and up to 13 call appearances with 7 dual-color extension keys.
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Grandstream GXP280

SKU # 02-105521

The Grandstream GXP280 is a next generation small business SIP phone that features 1 line appearance, 128x32 graphic LCD, 3 XML programmable softkeys, and dual 10M/100Mbps network ports. It is an affordable choice for a SOHO user needing a feature rich, 1-line IP phone.

Grandstream GXP2000EXT

SKU # 02-101042
The Grandstream GXP2000EXT Expansion Module is designed to allow up to two units to be daisy-chained off each phone. Each unit provides 56 speed-dial / BLF lines and can be powered either off the EXT. cable or using another power supply unit identical to the one that ships with the GXP-2000.

Grandstream GXP2000

SKU # 02-101060

The Grandstream GXP2000 is 4-line enterprise SIP telephone that is easy to use, supports integrated power-over-ethernet and is competitively priced.

Grandstream GXV3000

SKU # 02-101067
The Grandstream GXV3000 is a next generation, stylish SIP video phone with a large adjustable color display LCD screen, VGA or CMOS resolution cameras, and real-time bandwidth-efficient H.264/H.263 video codec that renders stunning picture quality over public Internet.

Grandstream GXP1200

SKU # 02-101058

The Grandstream GXP1200 is a very affordable 2-line entry-level SIP phone that delivers excellent sound quality and advanced feature set.

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