Call Center

Elastix was the first distribution to include an Open Source Call Center module with a predictive dialer. This module can be installed from the same web-based Elastix interface through a module loader.

The call center module can handle incoming and outgoing campaigns. Some of its features are:

  • Open Source Predictive dialer
  • Support for Do-Not-Call List
  • Support for incoming and outgoing campaigns
  • Forms can be associated to a campaign and designed through an Web wizard
  • A "script" can be associated to a campaign
  • Agent console
  • Support for various types of breaks
  • Advanced Reports
  • Integration with CRM (Based on Web Service)
  • Support for connection to data bases:
  • - Oracle
    - MS SQL
    - Mysql
    - Postgresql

Outgoing Campaign

  • Generates calls from a telephone list
  • Calls are assigned to agents to interconnect them with the clients
  • The predictive dialer generates calls trying efficiently as possible
  • The agent receives the user information and registers it in the database through forms
  • The information can be exported to spreadsheets

Inbound Campaign

  • The Call Center module receives calls and assigns them to agents through queues.
  • Information of clients can be included in the database to know who’s calling and give a better service to the client.



  • Break report
  • Call detail report
  • Calls by hour report
  • Calls by agent report
  • Stand by time report
  • Login – Logout report
  • Inbound Calls
  • Agent monitoring
  • Call inbound monitoring
  • Agent information
  • Agent total connection time report
  • Report of trunk usage by hour and day